Honeycomb Puzzle, Block Puzzle Game for Kids

We have been working on a new puzzle game for kids. The set is a beehive and the goal is easy: kids have to help a bee to complete the hexagonal block puzzle to complete the level. We thinks this new game is very addictive and challenging for kids of different ages. The gameplay is very easy: move hexagon blocks to fill up the honeycomb and to level up!

The game has been published for Android and is available on Google Play. The are the game features:
• 240 levels with fun challenges
• Drag the hexagon blocks to move them to the honeycomb cells
• Try to fit them all in the honeycomb
• Blocks can’t be rotated.
* No internet connection required. You can play this game offline
* Easy to learn and fun gameplay
* Cheerful sounds and music
* Easy and quickly to play
* Designed for all ages
* Amazing designs and colours
* Receive gifts when you reach the next level!
* Hints will help you complete the puzzle

Send us feedback and help us improving the game!

Honeycomb Puzzle Android Honeycomb Puzzle Android Honeycomb Puzzle Android Honeycomb Puzzle Android

Download now!