Miffy Educational Games

We have just launched a new game that deals with one of the most popular little rabbit in children’s literature: Miffy Educational Games. The new app, which is aimed at kids up to 6 years old, contains 28 educational games that helps children boost their intelligence while having fun with Miffy and her friends.

Miffy Educational Games will help children improving their capacity for reasoning and concentrating, as well as improving their fine motor skills and spatial and visual intelligence through these 7 types of games available:

– Memory games
– Visual games
– Shapes and forms
– Puzzles and mazes
– Music and sounds
– Numbers
– Painting

These new games will teach children learning numbers and colors, solving puzzles and mazes, recognizing and associating figures and sounds, painting, and much more! It will also provide kids positive reinforcement thanks to the cheerful animations when they complete the exercises, so that  their self-esteem will increase.

Miffy Educational Games is the perfect tool to boost your child’s intelligence and imagination skills!

If you have any suggestions or questions about the game, feel free to send us feedback or leave us a comment.

Download it now!